Want advice or recommendations? Want to advise or recommend places to me? Want to send praise, criticism or corrections? Want to offer me a million pounds or your hand in marriage? Whatever your reason, step this way, please:

Twitter: @jenmandates
Instagram: @jen_mandates

Oh, and feel free to add me on Untappd to share cider recommendations.

Please bear in mind that all marriage requests will be rejected unless you’re actually Andrew Garfield.


One thought on “Contact

  1. Hi Jen, loved your brutally frank description of Paddock Wood, I HAVE to visit the ‘Corner Cafe’ this weekend, and after my last visit I thought, surely there must be more to the place than this? it appears I was wrong!

    Btw, you did omit to mention the random roaming groups of pikeys wandering all over the town haranguing innocent bystanders, or is that some local custom?

    Regards, Reg


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