I’m back back back back back again

Oops, it’s been 2 1/2 years since I last posted anything. Hi.

Since then: I’ve had jobs at 3 places (one taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain; now I’m so amazing 🎶), been to 7 new countries (Slovakia, Luxembourg, Iceland, Monaco, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine), and spent a large amount of Boxing Day 2018 reading about holidays to Uzbekistan. Not even in a kooky, I’m-so-random way – Search ‘Samarkand’ on Google Images and you’ll get it.

What’s next? If I have my way: no new workplaces (this one is The One), 7 new countries this year (including a cheeky 4-country whirlwind before we leave the EU, a reality that I have absolutely no strong feelings about. Wait, why am I grinding my teeth and hissing?), and some Russian language skills, as I’m taking a short course this spring. Being able to say more than “Привет, где цирк?” (Hello, where is the circus?) would be cool, especially as I have plans to use those language skills later this year.

And posting here occasionally, as well as deleting the most embarrassing posts – though, as an innately embarrassing human being, that might be a challenge.


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